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Canton Fair Information

The trade fair for export and import items (CIEF) – also called Canton Fair – established in the spring of 1957, and held in the city of Canton, in each of the spring and autumn seasons, to date It has a history of 62 years.

In the contemporary history of China, it is a great meeting for international commercial exchange: it’s the oldest, the one with the highest administrative levels, the largest in size, the one that offers the most complete variety of items, the one that serves the most travelers. business, with the best results and prestige at the closing of the transactions.

The export exhibition area of the Canton Fair is made up of 48 trade groups. More than 20 thousand excellent firms, foreign product companies – with solid power – production companies, scientific research institutes, investments for foreign trade, independently owned companies and private companies come from all over the country to take part in the exhibition.

Business elites will visit Guangzhou for trade and various types of communication and offer a wealth of opportunities. Despite the traditional negotiation in front of samples, the fair adds an online form of commerce. Based on export trade, it also deals with economic import trade and technological cooperation and exchanges, as well as commodity inspection, insurance, transportation, advertising, consulting, etc.

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Yiwu Commodity Fair Information

The Yiwu International Commodities Fair (referred to as “Yibo Fair”) was founded in 1995. It’s an international consumer goods exhibition approved by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China and is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province. The organizer of the 24th Uprising Fair added the National Standardization Management Committee and since then it became the first international exhibition in China to introduce standardized items. With the aim of “facing the world and serving the entire country.” Yibo Fair has distinctive exhibition characteristics, excellent internationalization level, strong information function, perfect service system, health and safety protection, and notable achievements. It has become the largest national scale. The most influential and effective daily consumer goods exhibition is one of the three major export commodity exhibitions organized by the Ministry of Commerce. It has been rated as one of the ten most powerful import and export trade exhibitions in China, being certified by the International Exhibition Union (UFI).

Exhibition area: 180,000 square meters. Standard international stand: 4000.
There are 110,195 buyers, including 17,050 foreign traders and 93,345 domestic traders. Among them, 64% in Asia, 15% in Europe, 11% in Africa, 6% in South America, 2% in North America and 2% in Oceania. There are 22 foreign procurement teams and 49 government inspection teams nationwide.

Exhibition Scope:
● Basic products
● Technical gifts
● Hardware
● Knitwear and accessories
● Home textiles
● Luggage and leather goods
● Electronics
● Cosmetic washing
● Cultural office
● Accessories and accessories
● Crystal and glass products
● Game
● Automotive parts and supplies
● Sports and leisure
● E-commerce and commerce services

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