Search for Suppliers and Products

We analyze the market looking for the best certified manufacturer according to your needs, always prioritizing and guaranteeing maximum quality and service.

We negotiate and value products according to their purchase volumes or market research.

If the client is interested in getting to know their manufacturer more closely, we travel with them at origin to be able to learn about and provide improvements in the manufacturing of their products or there is even the possibility of visiting new suppliers at international fairs.

Finding suppliers in other countries is relatively easy, but finding suppliers who are direct manufacturers and are qualified requires an effective and well-structured search strategy with the help of our agents at origin. A good purchasing agent has a transparent and technical approach to product research, always putting product specifications, quality and certifications first.

When we receive information about your product, our purchasing and R&D department investigates of the parameters and characteristics, to provide you with a competitive quality/price DDP quote for your market.

-Express Verification of manufacturers: We provide information on the company name, operation manuals, product technical sheets and certificates, to determine the potential and legal existence of the manufacturer.

-Factory Audit: We audit the factories in person to determine the operation of the facilities, along with the machinery and production processes based on the certifications obtained.

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